Would Justin Bieber fall in love with you? Discover it here! How to gt in touch With JB

Love Me (Justin Bieber song)

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I’m not a great big fan of Justin Bieber,  but I know there are people out there who actually are. So I decided to post this for them…
In and interview, they asked Justin Bieber what does he looks in a girl. Check out what he answered and let’s see if you are his perfect girl… This is what he looks in a girl:

*Pretty eyes
*nice smile
*funny, makes him laugh.
*good sense of humour, so u get his jokes etc
*someone he can goof around with, be best friends with too, tell them everything.
*she doesn’t have to be famous (YOU can have a chance with him then…)
*Brown eyes are his favorite, but he loves blue eyes too!
*He doesnt like girls that call themselves fat and ugly because he thinks they are just trying to get people to say they’re not, and he thinks they’re attention seakers.
*His motto is, every girl is beautiful 🙂
*he doesn’t really like it if they’re uptight, trying to impress him in every way possible. (Be yourself)
TAYLOR LAUTNER FANS: (*Taylor Lautner* also thinks the last one ^^)

Something extra about Justin Bieber…
Wanna get in touch with Justin Bieber? Wanna know him? Gather up some courage and try to talk to him (be cool) in one of his pages:
http://www.youtube.com/ user/justinbieber
Be inetersting! Don’t act like some huge fan. Don’t say stuff like : “omg! I love you! marry me!”   better say something like “Hi. I just finished listening to a song of yours. What’s it inspired in?” Dont be a freakin stalker fan either 🙂

So are you Justin bieber’s ideal girl? Comment!


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