Video: What does Justin Bieber look for in a girl.

Hi guys!  Since today not much happened really, I guessed I could upload some video cause I’ve seen blogs with videos, and I felt like uploading one okay?
This video is probably one that many people out there may be looking for. It’s Justin Bieber talking about how his girlfriend should be, and what’s his ideal for a first date.
CAUTION: If you are really sensitive, don’t watch it, it’ll make you cry (for that weirdo fan that cries with the sound of his voice… no offense)
Okay so here’s the video:


This video was posted by PopStarMagazine’s Youtube channel 🙂
Hope you enjoyed the video… Keep checking on my blog, i’ll try to post something everyday for a year. That’s right. 365 days. 365 posts :s Of course this wouldn’t make any sence if nobody ever came across my blog, so please guys spread the word!
Thanks again for the 116 views of yesterday  That was… incredible


About dreamstaste

Well, hi! I'm just an ordinary girl who lives in the USA with my crazy Britannic mom, my Chilean Dad whose...just nuts, my weird wild big sister (for a year and a half!) and the only normal living beings in my house, my four cats: puchinni, carlota, baby ginger, and topaz. This blog is pretty much about my life, and the experiences I live every day. I hope people actually read my blog, If not, who am I actually talking to? Oh! one more thing: Please spread the word about my blog. Im sure many people can actually relate with my everyday life. Thanks :) Peace & Love ...Sophia
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