And Miley Cyrus “surprises” us… Again. :/ When will she stop?

Hi guys! wow! each time I’m getting more views hmm… Yesterday I got 26 views (it’s been like the largest since the 116 views last week) I hope we can rise the views each time more!!
So today I’m gonna talk about Miley Cyrus
Yesterday were the MTV EMA’s (Europe Music Awards) And guess what did Miley Cyrus go in? Here’s the answer…

The image talks for it’s own. You don’t even need to be a total pervert to see that you can totally see Miley Cyrus’s boobs. No bra on. I mean she’s a couple of weeks to be 18, so technically she’s still not a grown up, and still under age.
I mean the dress itself is beautiful. It’s got a skirt that goes down to the floor,  and that would have made her look appropriated for a girl of her age, the problem is, she’s got no bra on, clearly, so it makes it difficult to pose in front of the cameras without her boobs showing of.
This caused a lot of perturbation for the parents that were watching the EMA’s with their kids.  Miley, Miley, Miley. When will you just stop this rude aspect of yours?


Yeah that’s all I’ve got today. So yesterday I was in the kitchen with my sister, and we were totally bored, we were literally dying (haha) and so we discovred how to make chocolate coffee. Why should you go to buy enveloped chocolate coffee if you can make it yourself? Here’s how you do it:
You put like two or one and a half small spoons of coffee, two of chocolate powder milk, as much sugar as you want, and liquid cream (not the spray one) like you fill the cup to like before the middle. Then you are supposed to put hot milk in, to the top, then you just stir it all up, and there you’ve got chocolate coffee 😀
That’s all for today, have… A wonderful perfect week everyone I love you guys!!!
Comment!!! 🙂

…Sophia 🙂

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Well, hi! I'm just an ordinary girl who lives in the USA with my crazy Britannic mom, my Chilean Dad whose...just nuts, my weird wild big sister (for a year and a half!) and the only normal living beings in my house, my four cats: puchinni, carlota, baby ginger, and topaz. This blog is pretty much about my life, and the experiences I live every day. I hope people actually read my blog, If not, who am I actually talking to? Oh! one more thing: Please spread the word about my blog. Im sure many people can actually relate with my everyday life. Thanks :) Peace & Love ...Sophia
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