I NEED YOUR HELP URGENT!!! YOU can safe a life (results!)

Hey guys!! It’s been like maybe a week? since my last post, and I wanted to tell you how it all went.
So my super experiment was to compare how many people would see my post titled “I NEED YOUR HELP URGENT!! YOU can safe a life” and how many people would read, lets say the Breaking Dawn: Rob and Kristen KISS! So this are the results….

Breaking Dawn: 16 views this week.
I need your help!:  4 views this week.

So… yeah 😦
I got kind of really mad at this thing of people not really wanting to surf the blogs in wordpress looking for help or something. Its like… You know.
I ran across this blog… and this is what it actually said:

Help Me

Hi, I’m well I don’t know who I am. That is what I’m trying to figure it out. I’m a girl, but that is all I know about myself. Its like I have amnesia, but all of my life. I can’t even remember my name, when people call me by it I reply but then I can’t recall the name again. I don’t have an illness, but I only remember one thing and that is me killing myself. But I’m still here…

Please help me…”

It was her last post. Ever. It was posted the day June 23, 2008.
I don’t know what happened to that girl.
I don’t know what would have happened If someone had commented that same day and help her through this.

W ell just something to think about.
Everyone have a beautiful week 🙂
I LOOOOVE  you guys!!
Next post will be something more interesting, I hope.


About dreamstaste

Well, hi! I'm just an ordinary girl who lives in the USA with my crazy Britannic mom, my Chilean Dad whose...just nuts, my weird wild big sister (for a year and a half!) and the only normal living beings in my house, my four cats: puchinni, carlota, baby ginger, and topaz. This blog is pretty much about my life, and the experiences I live every day. I hope people actually read my blog, If not, who am I actually talking to? Oh! one more thing: Please spread the word about my blog. Im sure many people can actually relate with my everyday life. Thanks :) Peace & Love ...Sophia
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