Lates fashion: Hoodie Buddies!! You NEED one of these in your closet!!! (Including me Ha!)

Hi guys!! Hope my last post was of any help you know, to wake up some people out there (not saying who) …
So today I was watching YouTube videos… specifically The Annoying Orange, and there was this one… The Passion Fruit I think it was. It was a youtuber called “ijustine”. She’s quite hilarious! And so I started watching her videos, and ran across one called: HOODIE BUDDIE REVIEW! And basically it was this:

There are these new hoodies, they are called “hoodie buddies” and they’re really cool!! You see, the drawstrings of the hoodie, are not really drawstrings, they are earbuds!!! and, you can plug your iPod, MP3, iPhone, whatever, into your pocket, and you can enjoy the music straight out from the drawstring/earbuds. I still dont have one, but I think my mom’s gonna get me one for christmas. Everyone says they are super-comfy, because you can be like in a rush or something running about everywhere, and you dont have to worry about where’s your iPod, because it’s plugged to your pocket!!
I know what you are probably thinking.. “But how do you expect me to wash it??”
Well, dont worry! you’ve just got to follow the washing instructions carefully!! Yay!

So, what do you think? Do you have a hoodie buddie? would you buy one? If you want one, you can either buy them one the Hoodie Buddie’s Page or in Amazon
I Would totally buy one… Hope my mom gets me one for  Christmas!!
That’s all for today guys… Have a beautiful week!!! I looooove you!! ❤

Comment, Subscribe, Hoodie Buddies!!
Spread the word!! please?? 🙂

~ Sophia. Peace.

About dreamstaste

Well, hi! I'm just an ordinary girl who lives in the USA with my crazy Britannic mom, my Chilean Dad whose...just nuts, my weird wild big sister (for a year and a half!) and the only normal living beings in my house, my four cats: puchinni, carlota, baby ginger, and topaz. This blog is pretty much about my life, and the experiences I live every day. I hope people actually read my blog, If not, who am I actually talking to? Oh! one more thing: Please spread the word about my blog. Im sure many people can actually relate with my everyday life. Thanks :) Peace & Love ...Sophia
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9 Responses to Lates fashion: Hoodie Buddies!! You NEED one of these in your closet!!! (Including me Ha!)

  1. James says:

    I have one of these hoodies, and really love it. The quality of the headphones are really good. (Better than the ones that come with iPods.) Washing it is also easy: just machine wash it is cold water (including the headphones), and hang it up to dry (don’t put it in the dryer).

  2. holly says:

    do you really just wash it with cold water and hang it up? i wasn’t sure how to because my sister got me one for christmas and she took all the tags off. i really didn’t want to ruin it becuase i love it!

    • dreamstaste says:

      hahaha:) they are nice arent they?
      umm… Yes. I saw a video over hoodie buddies and in the comments people would say that you can machine wash it but you gotta hang it to dry 🙂
      If you are still not sure, you can search on google or find answers using yahoo answers which nearly always works.. at least for me it does:)

  3. Unmi says:

    i just ordered one off the internet! =D You can get it for like half price at My friend has one, and that’s what convinced me to buy one. I know you can wash the headphones with the hoodie, but it makes me wonder how the headphones are machine washable. o.O

  4. Valerie says:

    The hoddie buddies are soo cool. I love the hoodie buddies, and also they come in different cool and colorful styles!! (;

  5. brandy ramos says:

    where do you buy that plade pink and black coat i looked at amazon and hoodie

  6. Robert Dugan says:

    We want to order the pink plaid hoodie with the earbuds in a women’s small

  7. Robert dugan says:

    I want the pink plaid hoodie with earbuds in a medium women’s

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