How to get your mom/dad to buy you something!! (100% Effective!)

Hi guys!! It’s me!! Sophia!! (Yay!) 😀
So guys. A question: Has there ever been something you really want but your mom/dad won’t buy it for you??
If it has happened before, I’ve got the conclusion… If it hasn’t, well good for you, but it’ll probably happen in the future so If I were you I Would read this and so when It actually happens, i’ll be ready 🙂

you can get your mom/dad to buy you something following these easy 8 step list!!

1) Talk about how would it benefit them
If you want, let’s say an iPod, you can say that like that, your parents (parents normally don’t like what we listen)  wouldn’t have to listen to your music any more, that you’ll have everything you need, and you probably won’t ask for anything else until christmas, or your birthday.

2) Talk to her/him in a moment when  they are in a good mood.
For example, when they are watching TV (but not if they are really interested) Or when  she/him is just reading or something.
After a fight would not be a good idea, or doing something important.

3) Remember to ask nicely.
Like “Hey, mom… So.. You know, I would like an iPod… You know, Please?” (When you say “please” not like a pleeeeaaaaasseee? just say it like a normal please :))
do NOT ask like this: “Mom, I want an iPod” Or “Mom, get me an iPod”

4) Say why you would want it.
Now, talk about the reasons of why you want it:
“I LOVE music” “MP3s don’t have enough memory for music as iPods do” etc.
NOT something like “because everyone has got it” DO NOT SAY IT! or “I would be the only one with one” don’t say any of it.

5) Do extra chores.
I know you won’t like to do extra chores, but it’s the only way, sometimes. I don’t know. Wash the dishes, mop… I don’t know, things that you usually don’t do! (But whatever you do DO NOT TELL THEM IT’S FOR THAT or DON’T ASK IMMEDIATELY FOR THE THING) DO it a couple of times, and then when you ask they’ll be like “well she/he has been a very good kid…”

6) Look at a picture of it whenever they go into your room.
They’ll feel like it’s something you really want an you won’t let go of it.

7) Say that you understand how they feel.
Say something like, “I understand that you don’t particularly love iPods or Mp3s or any of those things, But it’s something I feel like I need. (If you play the guitar say that it makes it easy for you to play it with the song) Say something like I understand how you feel, and so I would really like it if you could try to understand me.”

8) Compromise time!
You can even try to make a compromise with them:
“If you get me an iPod, I promise to wash the dishes every day for this year, or something you know? Something they don’t like doing, you do it (Remember: it’s all worth it)

Well, I hope this worked, and you can get your parents to buy you what you want.
NOTE: If at the beginning they say “no” don’t start fighting with them. That REALLY doesn’t help 🙂 At all.

So that’s all, guys, hope this helped!!
I looove you ❤
Have a beautiful week 🙂

Comment, subscribe, get what you want 🙂
~Sophia. Peace.

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