Famous Youtubers you’ve just GOT to see !! :)

Hi my sweet little wordpresser!! 😀
Welcome to my blog. I’m Sophia…
So today I’m gonna talk about… YOUTUBE!
Youtube is like… The biggest web page of videos (duh!) And so There are some pretty famous youtubers in there… So I’m gonna talk about… 4 really famous youtubers that you’ve just GOT to see (If you have seen at least three videos of each, then you are super cool!)
So.. Let’s see how many of them do you know!!

The Annoying Orange.
A bunch of hilarious videos of this annoying orange… Who pretty much lives out of annoying other fruit. The funny part is… Nearly all of the fruit/food/objects/people end up dying or something… It’s just HILARIOUS!! it’s a Gotta See thing. Seriously.
Youtube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/realannoyingorange?blend=1&ob=4
Rate: 4.5 out of 5

He is supposed to be a  six-year old boy, who’s really crazy and messes nearly everything up. He lives with his mom… Because I think his dad is in jail (?) I’m not sure.. He is just plain stupid but nice stupid. He has got a crush on this girl called “Judy” (she never really appears). Fred is known for his high squeaky voice.
Fred is played my Lucas Cruikshank.
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Fred
Rate: 5 out of 5.

She may have the image  of a typical blonde LA girl… And she is… a tiny bit. She’s a girl quite obsessed with all the Apple products. She’s really funny and she loves to dance… Although she can’t quite dance that well… She’s really funny and posts videos nearly daily. She once appeared in an Annoying Orange episode as a Passion Fruit. She has a bit of everything in her channels (Vlog, reviews, shows, iPhone vids)
Main channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ijustine
Rate: 4.5 out of 5

And last but certainly not least… For the music addicted (like me)
She is a really talented girl. She plays the guitar. Does covers and writes her own songs. She’s a guitar genius.
Her name is Kate Mcgill. I’m pretty sure she’ll soon be famous, since she has won many music contests and has so many songs… She’s actually working on an album. She is just simply amazing. Not only does she play the guitar, she can play the keyboard as well. One of a kind. She is my second favorite singer  (of course before goes Paramore) You have just got to see her. She’s… Amazing. The best of them all.
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/katem3?blend=1&ob=4
Rate: 6.5 out of 5 😀

Okay… So that’s pretty much it… Are there other youtubers that i am missing? what youtuber vids are you watching currently? Do you know any of these ones? Leave a comment below!
You guys rock And it still thrills me to see the stats… I know I get like 5 views or 4 per day… But I just love those views. YOU GUYS ROCK! ❤
Comment, Subscribe, Youtube!
Spread Love, Peace and the word of my blog.. Please??

~Sophia. Peace. Rock!

PD: Guys, i’ve made an email for this blog. It is: dreams.taste@hotmail.com  You can send suggestions of things you would like me to post about, or a picture for me to edit (I do NOT us Photoshop… Check out my Photo Editing Page) Or if you don’t want to send me a mail… Just comment below and leave a link to the picture you want to be edited.

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One Response to Famous Youtubers you’ve just GOT to see !! :)

  1. Nourine says:

    You forgot Shane Dawson ❤

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