iPod touch 4th generation. Worth it?¿?¿ :) pros and cons.

Umm yeah hi guys!! it me big surprise!!
Today I’m gonna talk a little about… The iPod touch 4th generation. Is it worth it? 
Maybe this will answer your question.
The new iPod touch is… An iPhone without the possibility of calling… BUT you can use the FaceTime thing that comes with it that it’s basically you can talk with someone on another iPod touch like if it was a webcam. you see…
The iPod has got a camera on the front AND on the back!
You can record HD Videos and edit them right on the iPod.
It has a microphone! (duh! if not how would you record and use the Face Time??)
It is thinner than any other iPods touches
And… other stuff.

I’m gonna get one for christmas… My mom got me an iPod touch… But I actually just wanted a normal iPod nano… You know? i’ll probably just use the iPod for music. I’m not really in for the games… You’ve got a computer for the games dont you? Of course you’ve got an entretention for whenever you get bored 🙂 BUT the only thing I just HATE about ALL the iPod touches is… It is just too big!! It’s th same as an iPhone just thinner.

Anyways… My rating for the  iPod touch 4g is…
4.8 out of 5. (It’s just too big … general thing. And anyways I’m taking that one for my personal likings)
If you want a not personal liking rate… then
5 out of 5 🙂

Well what do you think? Is it worth buying? Have you got one? Would you prefer an iPod nano as well? What other pros and cons do you find in the iPod touch? Comment below!

Comment, subscribe, iPod touch!
~Sophia. Sm:)e
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6 Responses to iPod touch 4th generation. Worth it?¿?¿ :) pros and cons.

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