Twilight discussion: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Hey guys!! it’s been long since my last post (kinda)  Umm… I was short of imagination and so I didn’t know what to post about. But now I do!!
Lately, i’ve been checking this website called My Life Is Twilight It’s a place where Twilight lovers (myself included) post their twilight experiences) It’s pretty fun to read, of course if you are a Twilighter 🙂
So I said “Hey! why not make a post of Teams?

Well. I am Team Edward all the way. Why? Because he is so caring and loving and would do anything for her. He would sacrifice everything he has for her. If you have read the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun  (Edwards point of view of Twilight) He says somewhere that if he could, he would pay any price for being a human for Bella. He kinda lives for her. In Eclipse, Edward wasn’t going to fight for Bella, because he knew it would hurt her to decide, and he didn’t want her to hurt. He wanted her to be happy with the one she picked. Her happiness and safety is all that matters for him.

Team Jacob: Well, it’s actually hard to say like good reasons of why to be Team Jacob if

you actually aren’t so Let’s see. Jacob is Bella’s best friend, and when Edward goes in New Moon, Jacob is Bella’s sunlight as she describes him. He makes Bella’s day. In Eclipse, he is a good friend as well. He supports her a lot. But he goes wrong in Eclipse: He is totally fighting for Bella. He isn’t like Edward who doesn’t care what choice she picks as long as she is happy. He just wants her to pick him. He fights against Bella’s decision of Becoming a Vampire. He kinda fights against all of her decisions. He also doesn’t quite respect her much. He stole a kiss, and kinda made her kiss him before fighting with the newborns.

Team Switzerland: Both Jacob and Edward are great. The are both loving and caring. Edward is Bella’s boyfriend/fiancée and Jacob is Bella’s Best friend. They are both super cool!!

Ugh!!! Did it again! sorry. My idea was to put pros and cons of each Team!!! I just can’t!!
Team Jacobers: Please don’t get mad at me. If you have more cons, comment below!! Your comments are welcome here!! Of course I like Jacob!! Without Jacob, the Twilight Saga would be so boring!!!
So, what Team are you? Team Edward? Team Jacob? Team Switzerland? Another one?
Comment below and tell me why are you in that Team!!
All comments accepted!! (Except for those Anti-Twilighters who mysteriously appeared here)
Comment, Subscribe, Twilight!
~Sophia. Love.

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  1. Time spent reading your piece is worthwhile. More of people should certainly read this!

  2. jomobjeLp says:

    Hi, I do not agree …

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