Key to match clothes and never repeat the same outfit!

Hi guys!
Yesterday In my Apology Post I promised that I would post something today… I think. Well, Here I am…:D

okay. So… Today Im gonna talk about how to match clothes, different colors and the secret to never repeat the same outfit!! (Yay!) 🙂
So lets start:

Lets get colorful!!
Red can go with the colors Orange, Violet and green
Blue can go with white, light violet, light green and dark blue
Green can go with blue, yellow, violet and red (NOTE: FOR GREEN YOUVE GOT TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT SHADE OF COLORS:))
Yellow goes with black, light green, light orange, grey and violet (Again: Right shades)
NOTE: Black goes with everything. Grey and white go with almost everything too.

How to never repeat the same outfit!
The key is in accesories. You know. One day you are out… lets say with black pants, a green tshirt and a violet jacket, and black earrings and sandals.
The next day  you wear the same jacket, tshirt, and pants but lets say without the earrings, but with a beanie and converse, or with sunglasses. Or a necklace. ACCESORIES (r)

Different hairstyles might do the trick as well (Ponytail, plat, loose, etc)

HEYYY!Never cake yourself up in makeup, since it will be too much going on. REMEMBER: A lot of makeup doesnt  quite attract boys 🙂

Hope this works:)
Byeee! I seriously love ya all!
Comment, subscribe, mix&match
…Sophia. Peace.

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