Basic Pink Eye Makeup:) In 6 steps:) (10 mins top)

Hi everyone!
So just… Like… 10 minutes ago I was in the bathroom playing around with makeup… And did this like really basic, natural, easy to do, girly eye makeup.
It takes like… Honestly just 10 minutes to do it:)

Youll need:
-White eye powder
Soft Pink eye powder
Hot Pink eye powder
-eyelash curler
-black pencil eyeliner
-black mascara

lets start!

with a normal, fluffy eyebrow brush
youll swipe the white eye  powder all over your eye lid.

Now, with a thinner brush, youll put the hot pink powder on the outside of the lid. From around the middle to the outside. On top of everywhere you put the white one. REPEAT: From the middle–>outside

Now with the soft pink powder youll put it from the middle inside. Only around the eye area:) MIDDLE—>INSIDE

Now with the black pencil eyeliner, eyeline the top. Where the eye lashes are just ontop:)
If you want you can put it underneath aswell:)
TRICK: If you put the eyeliner underneath, it makes it look darker…
if you put it on top it makes the look look lighter, happier:D

Now youve got to curl your eyelashes:)

Apply the mascara 🙂

And thats how you do it:)
You can always add colors like browns or purples like in the secon picture:)
Im sorry for the horrible explanaiton… Its quite difficult to explain how to apply makeup without showing in the moment…

Woah! yesterday My blog had 48 views! thats the biggest ive had in a long time!
Thank you!
Hope this thing of a tutorial helped 🙂
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…Sophia. Music!

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One Response to Basic Pink Eye Makeup:) In 6 steps:) (10 mins top)

  1. Jaclyn Rae says:

    Wow, that looks beautiful! I’ll have to try this sometime 🙂

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