Hayley Williams eye makeup (orange and yellow) how-to-do.

I am a HUGE paramore fan… And so I started looking things about paramore up on the internet and I ended up looking at how to do Hayley Williams eye makeup (the orange and yellow one) 


1) Apply either an eyeshadow primer or a thin layer or foundation over your eyelids, covering the whole lid.
This is important because it gives an evenly colored base and helps the eyeshadow to stick and not slide off.

2) Grab a bright or glittery light gold eyeshadow. You can use a loose powder, compact powder or cream, but make sure it is bright! Try to use a small brush for this step.

3) Wet the brush.
This step will make the color stick, last longer, and look vivid on the lid.

4) Apply the gold eyeshadow in small strokes from the inner corner of your eyelid. Cover about a third/half of your eyelid in this way.

5) Find a slightly larger brush, and wet it.

6) Apply the orange eyeshadow, slightly overlapping the yellow.
Make sure about a third of your eyelid is still gold, though. Apply the orange nearly right to the edge of your eyelid.

7) Find the brightest, sparkiest red you can and overlap the orange slightly. Then, you can go wild! Only apply a little red to the outer edge of your eyelid, or brush it out in streaks right past your eyes to create a more wild, crazy look.

8) Apply black liquid eyeliner and apply it to your top lid, near as you can to the lash line. You may need some practice to use the liquid correctly, so a neatly applied black pencil liner will work almost as well.

9) Choose a black or dark brown mascara. Apply one coat to your top eyelashes.

10) Curl your lashes, and add two more coats of mascara. Mascara is optional for the lower lashes.

11) Leave lips nude, or put a little bit of dark pink, light red lipstick on.

12) Achieve a healthy glow by applying a touch of light coral/pink blush to your cheeks

And thats how you make your eyes look like Hayley Williams’s 😀 yay!
Hhahaha thats all for today 🙂
Info taken from Wikihow (i think)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂 Tomorrow’s Friday! be Happy! (lol)
Okay. I love ya

~Sophia. Peace

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