How-To: Not get bored in class!!

Hi! So… Im gonna make this post about ways to not get bored in class.
Ive got many ways, but im not gonna put them ALL in this one post, since I want it to be just short and easy to read, not like my other posts where I just go on and on talking.. like now.. :s

Im just gonna post like 2 ways:) 

1) Go to another world
First you gotta start clouding your senses. First hearing them sighting, etc
Eventually, everything disappears, and we are in a better world where classes don’t exist! 😀
Its great until:
a) You come back to class and about only 2 minutes have passed
b) Your teacher asks you something, and all the class is looking at you, waiting for you to answer the question you didnt hear…
c) Your teacher notices your weird vacant face, and stands infront of you, lookin at you, waiting for you to react.
a) start the process all over, and go back to your happy world until b) or c) appear
b) you’ve got 4 options: 1- Be honest and say you didnt listen. 2- Answer the first thing that comes to your mind, 3- look at your classmate for help 4- say that the last thing you heard astonished you, and you were meditating it…
c) Apologize, and say you’ll pay better attention in class, you wait a while, and go back to your happy world:)

2) Make buildings with you pens
In this one, the teacher will probably see you, if you dont choose the right kind of teacher:
Big-eye/ear: The teacher who has literally eyes on his/her back, or who can even listen ant steps :/
Passionatecreep: The teacher who gets really passionate when teaches. Like, if hes/shes teaching second world war, the teacher gets all passionate, and goes to details, etc.
The-white-board-is-my-girl/boy-friend The teacher who absolutely depends on the white board.  Who admires it, and probably has a couple in his/her house.

So, to make buildings with pens, the “mywhiteboardismygirl/boyfriend” is the right option, since theyve got their eyes put on the white board all the class.
You wont want to make buildings with the passionate creep, since he/she will find you doing buildings and say its a lack of respect blahblahlbah
So to make buildings youve got to:
1) take all the pens from your pencilcase
2) make space on your table
3) start with the base
4) Continue with the structure putting: vertical pens, horizontal pens, vertical pens, horizontal, etc
5) Do it with patience. It will probably fall many times
6) Make sure that when the pens fall, they dont make a lot of noise. I recomend you put your bag in the floor, so that the pens fall over your bag, and they dont make much noise.
7) When you start running out of pens, take from your classmates
8) when youve got your building done, start trying to undo it without the pens falling
9) If you could successfully undo  it, try to redo it :p

Hahahaha. Hope this works for you people!
uhh.. I know this works ALOT for me
you could also try waving at random people through the window… Its stupid, but some people’s responses are priceless
so… Thats all for today, my sweet lemon drops  ha! 😀
lol that sound so… like what a pedophile would say :s
Uhh.. have a great week… 3 days till friday!! … when the weekend begins! 🙂
take care… I love you all
Dont forget to
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  1. Poker Gratis says:

    Reflexão palpitante neste espaço, textos deste modo realção a quem analisar neste sítio …..
    Entrega mais deste sítio, aos teus leitores.

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