Macbook Air vs Macbook

So today Im gonna do a kind of review with the Pros and Cons of the Macbook Air and the Normal Macbook.
Ive done a bit of research since my computer (Acer Aspire 5315) is kinda failing me a bit so im thinking of asking for a new laptop for my Birthday 😀
Lets start!

Macbook Air 
· Portability (really light)
· iLife (iMovie, iPhoto, Garage Band) click for more details
· Eco friendly

· No disc drive!! You can’t insert CDs or DVDs or any of those!! :S
· only 5 hour battery Life
· No removable battery
· Ive heard that the new Macbook Air has 2 USB ports (The last one had only 1) but it still isnt enough though…
About viruses, they just cant have Windows viruses, but all Macs get Mac viruses

About the Mac Air’s storage, it depends on the models.

· Relatively lightweight
· Quite Fast
· Built in iSight Camera
· Eco friendly
· 10 hour battery life

· Processor cannot be upgraded
· Its a bit overpriced
·About viruses, they just cant have Windows viruses, but all Macs get Mac viruses

I personally think that a Macbook is much better, but it’s all about your needs. If you are not going to us many cds or dvds etc and you need to take it everywhere, then a Macbook Air is right for you.
If you just need to listen to your cds and you dont need to go taking it eveywhere, then the Macbook is just right.
Overall I honestly think that a Macbook is much better. it is just a tad bit heavier than the MacAir and its just great
(this is all based on the web, what I have heard and searched)
I dont own a Macbook or MacAir.
Nobody in my family owns one
The only Apple product I have is an iPod touch
Again, this is ALL based on what I have heard and seen while researching.

Hope you all have a great week and take care
i love you all:)

Just a quick update on what has been of my life,
I just started a Youtube account, and I only have one, lame video of a freakin parrot
if you want you can see it clicking here
umm… please give me ideas for good funny videos
and what camera is good and cheap to use?
Bye! take care
Comment, Subscribe,  Apple

~Sophia. Peace


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5 Responses to Macbook Air vs Macbook

  1. Top-notch post it is really. My boss has been looking for this information

  2. Thanks for this, it really helped me.

  3. Can you please let us know how do you specifically resolve the problem?

    • dreamstaste says:

      it basically has to do with ur needs. If u need to take it wherever u go… then I guess the mac air is for u… but if not then the macbook white is just perfect.
      I think that the mac white is better- the air doesnt have a disk drive :s only 1or 2 usb port and u cant take the battery out!!!

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