About me ;)

Hi. I am Sophia. I am just an Ordinary girl who likes to live crazy stuff 🙂 This blog is to write the experiences I live everyday. To express myself and so that people who read this could comment and make my life so much easier =)
I live with my crazy english mom, my dad whose totally nuts and is from chile (don’t take me wrong, im just saying that my dad is nuts, not people from chile) , my wild big sister (a year and half older!) and the only normal living beings in my house, my four cats: Puchinni, Carlota, Baby Ginger, and Topaz.I really hope people will read and comment my blog. I want people to read it. I want people to know me. To know my story, and to see how the story ends. This blog is also to write stuff that interest me an probably other people out there, and so that this blog can be a cool place to check every once in a while, and see whats new, whats cool, celeb buzz, etc etc etc.
My e-mail if you want me to review something or some kind of question (Im thinking of opening this new section where I answer stupid questions) or even if you want me to edit some photograph, is: dreams.taste@hotmail.com
So comment, oh and: SPREAD THE WORD 😉

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