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Youtube video ideas?!?!?

Hi everyone!! Hows your week going?? I’ve got news!!!! I started a Youtube account just now…  And I need ideas for a video.. Im gonna focus on comedy for the most part… And I got an idea or two for … Continue reading

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Aaaah. Music…. :)

Hello everyone!!! I was just wondering… What is it about music that can make you feel so many emotions?  Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you listen to a song and you start crying? Like there are some songs … Continue reading

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Piercings, piercings, piercings…

Hi guys!!! Sorry about my yesterday’s sad mood… Really.. Sorry Can we continue being friends? 😉 So… I got good news!! My sister has won her piercing!! So here’s the story: She wanted a piercing in her belly button, and … Continue reading

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Nick Jonas’s “Introducing Me” and Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” SIMILARITY!

Hi guys!!! it’s been really long since my last post (Sorry can we still be friends :)) So has any one ever noticed that the song “Introducing Me” from Camp Rock 2 is just pretty much the same as Jason … Continue reading

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Video: What does Justin Bieber look for in a girl.

Hi guys!  Since today not much happened really, I guessed I could upload some video cause I’ve seen blogs with videos, and I felt like uploading one okay? This video is probably one that many people out there may be … Continue reading

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