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Twilight discussion: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Hey guys!! it’s been long since my last post (kinda)  Umm… I was short of imagination and so I didn’t know what to post about. But now I do!! Lately, i’ve been checking this website called My Life Is Twilight … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart KISS!!!

Forget Miley Cyrus nonsense I just wrote!!!!!!!! ROBSTEN LATELY!!! So you all know that Robert Pattinson (I Love You Rob!) & Kristen Stewart are in Rio filming Breaking Dawn right? Well, I’ve got exclusive picrtures that you’ll only find here!!!! 😀 … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson information.

Hi guys! So probably you’ve already figured out that i’m a huge Robert Pattinson (and paramore and twilight) fan. How I gave some information about Kristen Stewart the other day, I figured I could give info about Robert Pattinson ❤ … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn: R.Pattinson and K.Stewart got to Rio de Janeiro.

I know this blog isn’t about celebrities and about their lives, but it seems to be the only way to get people to read my blog. Of course i’ll find my way to write about my life. As soon as … Continue reading

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Kristen Stewart Information!

Just bored.Today I was in spanish class and we had to cut some stuff from magazines, and I found this Poster from new moon (old magazine) And on the other side, was this page dedicated to Kristen Stewart, with all … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson’s Halloween party (wish I was there!)

So today I went out with two friends and had a blast together! At some point, we sat down on a bench and started talking, and got to the Robert Pattinson‘s Halloween party. This guy had THE party for his … Continue reading

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