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Hayley Williams eye makeup (orange and yellow) how-to-do.

Hii!! I am a HUGE paramore fan… And so I started looking things about paramore up on the internet and I ended up looking at how to do Hayley Williams eye makeup (the orange and yellow one)  Steps: 1) Apply either … Continue reading

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Aaaah. Music…. :)

Hello everyone!!! I was just wondering… What is it about music that can make you feel so many emotions?  Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you listen to a song and you start crying? Like there are some songs … Continue reading

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I NEED URGENT HELP!!! YOU can save a life.

Hi guys! so… Its been really long since my last post… And Im gonna make a little investigation of my own… You see, when I post something about celebrities and stuff like that, I get … views. Something like 20 … Continue reading

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